Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

About nationalist womens front

Our purpose here is to establish a structure like that of an organization, which is essentially what we are. However, it is clear that there may be and will continue to be here representations of a number different groups within our Sisterhood.

While your work on behalf of your own crew is and will continue to be respected and supported, active participation in this gathering of sisters does not require an oath or pledge as would a traditional initiation rite into an established crew. We are an entity, not a crew.

The only oath we as your racial kinswomen demand is that you hold true to your race and to your people. In doing so it is expected that you will be a worthy representation of this group of sisters--- the one should be directly in relation to and in furtherance of the other, as the spirit of our people demand excellence in all things.

The structure of this community will be constructed with the sole purpose of instilling a sense of accountability to each other, educating oneself on our cause, and responsibility to the advancement of our race and comrades you gather with.

The standards of conduct and bylaws we adhere to will be set in place in furtherance of order to aid us all in our individual and collective pursuit of ennoblement, while providing a foundation for educating those embarking on the path of racial awareness.

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