Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.

We all know there are natural and beautiful differences between men and women. We also know there are many WN organizations for Men and few for all Women. This Sisterhood (Nationalist Women's Front) will be the beacon of light for those women who wish to seek a sisterhood of ideal white women to belong to, yet cannot find anywhere else in CA. As women, we have an equal claim to our culture and heritage. With this, comes an equal responsibility to share the idealism to uphold the same traditional values and commitment to our cause. The laws of nature dictate that women and men must provide a balance for one another. That balance can only be achieved through the cooperation and common striving of our racial men and women. Only then will the preservation and advancement of our race be possible.

Make no mistake, this sisterhood is not intended to divide us from our male counterparts—to the contrary, it is meant to strengthen our race as a whole. Men and women ARE different, but those differences are meant to COMPLIMENT one another, rather than force us to COMPETE with each other.

Within this sisterhood we will educate, motivate and inspire each other. We feel the women of our movement have been losing its foothold. Our desire is to bring to light the attributes of these mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends that stand true to our cause, regardless of the paths and genres which led us to get there. You can be a Skinbyrd or a proud White Racialist Woman, An Odinist, Christian, or not religious at all (atheist or agnostic), a mother or a single female, but you must uphold the same united ideals and standards that will be set forth below. 

Together, we will fight for our race and nation, protecting the natural law as nature intended. Together, we can accomplish what our folk needs, and that is to awaken White Women, working in unity to help one another other, showing society that there are still proud White Women out there who will stand side by side with our men, teaching our children to take pride in where their ancestors have hailed from, all while conducting ourselves with the utmost respectable standards.

We will not cower, we will not give in, we will stand strong, united, and unwavering in our convictions. We are a group of women who want to set the standard of how White Nationalist Women should be. We want to inspire, help and grow our Nationalist community. We want our children to be proud. We want our men to be proud that they take the stand for us, our children and our folk; and that their sacrifices are worth every drop of blood, sweat, and tears brought forth by their efforts. We are the womb of our folk and it is time that we women of good character and sound mind fight together in this struggle, as one united Entity in Solidarity.

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The most precious possession you have in the world is our own people..

"Our obligation to our own family or 'clan' is greater than our obligation to the faceless multitude."

Together, we will fight for our race and nation, protecting the natural law as nature intended.


Current Events

12/05/17-We are coming up on our deadline where our fundraising will be over. As of today, we have raised $598! This next weekend will be one more push for extra funds.

​We want to thank each and every one of you that has contributed to this years Santa Project. I must say that it really shows how we can all pull together our resources to help another, that is going through a difficult time.